Counter Cards

Don’t miss that sale! Point-of-purchase (POP) displays have been proven to stimulate impulse buying. Whether you need just one large counter card mounted on foam core or illustration board for a convention or special event to hundreds of laminated counter cards for distribution, Advanced Printing of NYC can help.


Counter Cards – Mounted on Foam or Gator Board

Digitally Printed Counter Cards.

Mounted on Foam Board or Gator Board with an easel back.

In addition to the difference in color the gator boards are more densely compressed, so they are a little heavier and more durable even though they are the same thickness.


Counter Cards – Mounted on Illustration Board

Digitally Printed Counter Cards.

Mounted on Illustration Board with an easel back.


Counter Cards – Laminated

Digitally Printed Counter Cards.

Laminated both sides with an easel back.